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Common Problems You Might Have

Easy To Use

Many AI tools are not intuitive. They use far to many screens & steps for processing which can feel extremely over whelming.

Bulk Updates

Updating content in bulk is not supported, making mass edits difficult. No bulk internal linking.

Access Limits

Many systems restrict the number of users and content forcing you to pay more and more!

Multiple AI

Most tools only use OpenAI, but what about using Claude, Gemini or Groq? What about using your own hosted AI?

The Old Way: ChatGPT & "AI Tools"

  • Creating content with ChatGPT or similar is tough; one big article isn't easy to optimize, and making sections one by one is exhausting.
  • New "AI tools" increase the cost of access by 1000x and limit us. They claim "Lifetime", but that can change.
  • It's difficult to edit in bulk with most tools or not possible.
  • It left us frustrated and looking for options. Lots ... of ... limits & extra cost!

The New Way: AI Google Sheets

  • Imagine having 30 people using ChatGPT non-stop, optimizing each section , delivering without AI fluff.
  • See the entire Workflow to fully control content and data.
  • Seamlessly connect AI, SEO Tools and more for high-scoring content.
  • Create any AI template you can imagine like social media, Ads, etc.
  • Truly Lifetime, Truly Zero limits, Remove the extra costs.

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What We Offer?


(Lifetime Starter)

Perfect for Trying

Sale >> $127

  • Lifetime Access our flagship AI Google Sheet, BB Max & BlogTuner
  • Unlimited Seats grow your team
  • Unlimited Websites grow your sites
  • AI: OpenAI
  • 50 Languages (by OpenAI)
  • AI Images OpenAI & StabileDiffusion
  • Internal Linking link articles in bulk
  • Unlimited Content: Use Your Own OpenAI API Keys (pay as you go)
  • WordPress & Shopify integration
  • Free Training & Support
  • $0.05 cents per post (End to End AI Automation)
  • Upgrade To Max Pro Available


(Lifetime Full)

Normally $497

Sale >> $297

  • Lifetime Access our complete Suite of AI Google Sheets & GPTs
  • Unlimited Seats grow your team
  • Unlimited Websites grow your sites
  • AI: OpenAI, Claude, Groq, Gemini, Local AI
  • 50 Languages (by OpenAI)
  • AI Images OpenAI & Stabile Diffusion
  • Internal Linking link articles in bulk
  • Unlimited Content: Use Your Own OpenAI API Keys (pay as you go)
  • WordPress & Shopify integration
  • Free Training & Support
  • $0.05 cents per post (End to End AI Automation)
  • Surfer SEO, NeuronWriter Integrations
  • Google Search Scraper crawler for research
  • Shopify Products update using AI and customer review data
  • Frequent Updates & Bonuses (See full list of sheets below for full access)

Other AI Tools Are

Going To Hate Us 🤣

Some "AI Companies"

have raised the costs

of access to OpenAI

by 2,000% to 20,000%+


(doesn't seem real, but it is!)

AAH Sheet solved it!

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publish unlimited contentat

5 cents per article

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What's Included?

  • Unlimited Seats: Grow Your Team
  • Unlimited Websites: Grow your sites
  • Unlimited Content: Use Your Own OpenAI API Keys (pay as you go)
  • Lifetime Access to Suite of Google Sheets (truly unlimited content for pennies)
  • Surfer SEO, NeuronWriter Sheets
  • Shopify & WordPress integration
  • Free Training & Support

Below Is All AI Google Sheets

Only Available In

Full Plan: Alpha Max Pro

Unlocks All The Sheets

Keyword Research

  • Research Keywords
  • Profit Calculator
  • Focus On Revenue Growth

BB Max (Bulk Build Content)

  • End to End Bulk Solution
  • AI Silo Linking & Images
  • 100+ Articles in few hours

BB Max NeuronWriter

  • NeuronWriter Flows
  • High Scores Rapidly
  • Rapidly Authority in Hrs

BB Max Surfer SEO

  • Avg 2 Min Per Article
  • Surfer Scores 70 to 85
  • Pennies with ChatGPT 3.5

BB Max SERP (Scraper)

  • Google Scraping!
  • Competition Scraper from URL
  • A to Z with silo and images

Magic Max (One Click)

  • One Click Automation
  • Add Keywords For Auto Build
  • Push Content Site Fast

Blog Tuner (Fine Tuning)

  • Highly Optimize Article
  • Build Small to Large
  • Google Search Integration

AI Images (Bulk)

  • Stable Diffusion API
  • Create Images in Bulk
  • Bulk Import to Website

Ecommerce Products

  • Download products
  • Optimize Text with AI
  • Analyze Customer Data

Customer Reviews

  • Analyze Customer Reviews
  • See Reviews Data for CRO
  • Optimize Website Content

Content Refresh

  • Download & Analyze Data
  • Optimize Content with SEO
  • Rapid Content Refresh

BONUS Sheets

Analyze Competition

Custom AI Templates

  • Build Your Own
  • Access to AI functions
  • Suggest Automation Ideas

URLs Analyzer

  • Extra URL Data
  • Pull in Content / Headers
  • Competition Analysis

SiteMap Scraper

  • Extract URLS
  • Extra Keywords
  • Move to Rewrite

Bulk Scraper

  • Add URLS
  • Extra Content In Bulk
  • Analyze Or Rewrite

Team Tracking Sheet

  • Content Tracking
  • Assign To Team Members
  • Track Content Plan

EBook Builder

  • Build Large ebooks fast!
  • Write about any topic
  • Give Away or Sell!


  • Includes 30 page SEO Doc
  • Ask SEO questions
  • Optimize SEO

GPT Conversion Expert

  • Increase Conversions
  • Focus On Customers
  • 30 Pages of Knowledge

Who is this

software for?

This AI tool is

perfect for you if you are

  • Beginner to Pro Managing Websites: Perfect for managing a website, Social, Ads and more. This tool simplifies content creation and site management.
  • SEO: Ideal for SEO to optimize content workflow, Aah Sheet provides tools for keyword planning, content optimization, and manging sites —all from a single, centralized sheet.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Great for affiliate marketers needing to manage numerous sites. Aah Sheet enables efficient tracking and updating of affiliate offers on your site.
  • Ecommerce: E-commerce managers will find Aah Sheet invaluable for managing product listings, descriptions, and content marketing. The tool's ability to integrate with platforms like Shopify helps synchronize and updated in real time.

This AI tool

can help you

  • Create SEO Content: Utilize AI-driven tools to generate high-quality, engaging content tailored to your audience, improving engagement and SEO performance.
  • Create Templates: Use the AI functions to build your own AI flows and processes. Create Social Media, Ads, Ideas and More. Even analyze data.
  • Streamline Multi-Platform Management: Easily manage content across multiple platforms like Shopify and WordPress from a single Google Sheet, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • Optimize Marketing Efforts: Track marketing campaigns, analyze performance data, and adjust strategies in real-time to maximize returns and drive growth.

I love your dedication to improving the tool Shawn!

-Martin Acosta

Just wanted to post in here that I love the process and the systems that have been built with this. I’ve never scaled a site as fast or as accurate as I have with Aah Sheet.

-Dan Kurtz

I bought the lite version and I am blown away! Thanks Shawn Altman!

-Max Wood

Robert Joseph

Shawn Altman, thank you so much for making this.

I have a Shopify store, and based on the API that you have was able to get some automations made that make my product management so much easier. Really appreciate it!

Genaro Vasquez

Shawn, It hasn’t taken me long to see that you are one, if not the most competent generative AI developers out there.
I’m hoping you might be able to share your posting strategy? Let’s say an established site juxta positioned with a new site. Number of posts to start with and any kind of drip feeds?

Create 30 Articles in 45 Min for Only $2!

Hey There! I’m

Shawn Altman

With experience as a developer at IBM, AT&T, and top ecommerce agencies, I've learned that cost-effective tools & fast revenue growth are crucial. But these "AI Companies" are simply adding HUGE mark ups and purposefully slowing us down.

I've spent 2.5 years combining AI + SEO, and the results are impressive! I've created a tool that cranks out easily 500+ articles a day. Best part is that OpenAI costs pennies per article. Here's my invitation: Join my Alpha Group.

Be a part of fine-tuning this automation. I'll be there to personally work with you.


3 Years Of Testing AI content Organic Improved Reveneue $400k to $800k

Start Point 👉

ISS were in a fairly unique position of having a highly SEO knowledgeable manager, but lacked the time to scale it as they saw possible

Results 👉

Organic search traffiic has skyrocketed growing by over 50,000 monthly users with revenue and assisted conversions showing great growth also

Frequently Asked

How does your product work?

You get access to a suite of Google Sheets that can connect to wordpress or shopify

You also get access to our training center (free of charge)

Simply go to OpenAI and create an API key ... very VERY easy.

Next, add your new OpenAI Key to our Google Sheets for unlimited AI

  • ZERO LIMITS (Ask OpenAI to increase your limits)
  • Add additional API like AI images and a Google Scraper.
  • New Updates and Sheets add monthly

Best part... you will always have access since you create copies of my sheets.

How much content can "REALLY" be created?

We don't yet know... but we know ... ITS A SHEET TON!

Averaging 1 article a min (after article data is ready). Easily 100 to 150 articles in a couple hrs!

Roughly we calculated that the sheets and a group can do 30,000 in a month.

This means that you could provide 300+ websites with 2 pieces of content a day.

Shoud be reasonable to build 500 articles a day, linked and posted to site for scheduling.

It still will take work, editing, reviewing, but its far more managible now.

The tool can be set to run over night.

Keep in mind there is no seat limits to the sheets. Make additional copies and build faster.

Reach out to OpenAI to increase your limits if you need to build higher than your account limits.

Is this LifeTime?

Yes, you are apart of the alpha group and will get all my updates.

You will be sent new sheets as the code is being developed so you have updated code.

What am I getting?
  • Google Sheets AI Automations - Content Building & Optimizations
  • Training Center & Vids
  • Business Process
  • Zoom Calls
  • Private Facebook Support Group & Chat
  • Lifetime access
  • Pay pennies for content
Is there a guarantee?

No, sadly once you have the sheet we can't take it back.

If you do have any issues let me know and we will figure things out.

What connects to your code?

OpenAI, AI Images, WordPress, Shopify, Google Scraper, Surfer SEO API, with Google Sheets & Docs.

More connections to come!