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Frequently Asked

How does your product work?

You get access to a suite of Google Sheets that can connect to wordpress or shopify

You also get access to our training center (free of charge)

Simply go to OpenAI and create an API key ... very VERY easy.

Next, add your new OpenAI Key to our Google Sheets for unlimited AI

  • ZERO LIMITS (Ask OpenAI to increase your limits)
  • Add additional API like AI images and a Google Scraper.
  • New Updates and Sheets add monthly

Best part... you will always have access since you create copies of my sheets.

How much content can "REALLY" be created?

We don't yet know... but we know ... ITS A SHEET TON!

Averaging 1 article a min (after article data is ready). Easily 100 to 150 articles in a couple hrs!

Roughly we calculated that the sheets and a group can do 30,000 in a month.

This means that you could provide 300+ websites with 2 pieces of content a day.

Shoud be reasonable to build 500 articles a day, linked and posted to site for scheduling.

It still will take work, editing, reviewing, but its far more managible now.

The tool can be set to run over night.

Keep in mind there is no seat limits to the sheets. Make additional copies and build faster.

Reach out to OpenAI to increase your limits if you need to build higher than your account limits.

Is this LifeTime?

Yes, you are apart of the alpha group and will get all my updates.

You will be sent new sheets as the code is being developed so you have updated code.

What am I getting?
  • Google Sheets AI Automations - Content Building & Optimizations
  • Training Center & Vids
  • Business Process
  • Zoom Calls
  • Private Facebook Support Group & Chat
  • Lifetime access
  • Pay pennies for content
Is there a guarantee?

No, sadly once you have the sheet we can't take it back.

If you do have any issues let me know and we will figure things out.

What connects to your code?

OpenAI, AI Images, WordPress, Shopify, Google Scraper, Surfer SEO API, with Google Sheets & Docs.

More connections to come!